IceBox Air Cooler Reviews – Is Ice Box Conditioner Scam or Legit? *Read*

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IceBox Air Cooler Reviews – Are you looking for portable AC that gives superfast air cooling in your room? Do you want to have your summer like winters? The summer season is already prevailing, and we are suffering from a coronavirus pandemic which makes us unable to start our AC because of increased temperature and another infection-causing risk. We have come up with the best alternative that can make your pandemic situation cooler and provide a great atmosphere at home. Even you do not need to stress about your bills.

IceBox Air CoolerIceBox Air Cooler is a powerful AC that comes with superfast air cooling come five different speeds and a crystal care LCD. This also offers a sleep mode that can be used during the night and day as per your choice. More than that, it worked as the best alternative to the regular air conditioner because that will give you complete portability and cool air when you enable it near the table chair or wherever you desire.

The best thing about this portable AC is you do not require bulky fans to have cool temperatures near you. if you need your chiller or a humidifier then this will be like that.

If you think this can be the best alternative to your regular air conditioner or other then you should buy this now because it will save you a lot of money and give you cool summers.

What is IceBox Air Cooler?

IceBox Air Cooler is one of the coolest products ever introduced in the market because this will work like a pro. This is designed like a curve rectangle box and acts as a little air conditioner that provides you great benefits as it promises.

This little air conditioner is portable and works just like a regular fan, but acts as a chiller. It comes with ice trays and gives you the chilly breeze you are expected.

Just plug in the device and you will enjoy the desired fan speed. Also, you can adjust the direction where you want to have its cool Breeze near you. The other thing you will love about this product,  its temperature levels. It will be adjusted automatically and provide you comfort level.

Once done the water directly comes into your device for humidification. The instructions for using this lightweight,  are very simple and easy to understand. You are required to follow up with complete details given by the manufacturers, so you can avail the maximum benefits you want to enjoy.

How Does This Portable Air Conditioner Work?

IceBox Air Cooler is a lightweight air conditioner that cools down the air and also keeps the surroundings clean and highly much rise the air is cooled by disposing of the warm water already present in it and discharging the cool air. Further, it will work like a cooling AC that blows the cool air around the room and make your summers relieving.

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The air-cleaning function of the air conditioner is also activities that the dust particles out of the air and spread the cool air in the room. When you get started with this portable AC, it will be expected to set the temperature over 25 degrees celsius.

Of course, you do not need any stress while using it and that’s why this portable AC can be easily adjusted anywhere you need. This is a compact air conditioner that is designed to cool your surroundings wherever and whenever you want. It doesn’t matter you use it in the garden or the kitchen or office. Even more, you can use it anywhere whether it is your washroom or in the car, this will be the best product because the whole room will be cool down and you can enjoy your summer without thinking about electricity bills.

What Are The Features Of The IceBox Air Cooler?

IceBox Air Cooler has come along with many features as follows:

  • It allows you super-fast air cooling
  • Give you cool and purifying air
  • Available at five different speeds
  • Give two LCD lightweight
  • Easy to carry around
  • Available at sleep mood
  • Give Ultra-low noise with 7 mood lights
  • Available with 375 ml water tank for long cooling AC
  • This also gives Ultra-low power consumption

Is It Safe To Use?

This portable AC is very much in process to use because it looks like a rectangle box that comes with a little air conditioner and more than a 300ml water tank. For spreading the cool air around the room, this can either work as a regular fan or as a chiller. This mostly depends on your choice. It comes with ice trays that can give you the chills you are expected.

All you need to plug in the device and set up your desired speed. Once, you will set the direction, it will provide you great comfort. The more you will go with this device the more you can enjoy the chilly breeze.

What Does This Portable AC Offer?

  • This is all-powerful and portable plus USB cable Mini AC, which is good for your skin and always keeps you functional, and provides you great advantages you like.
  • This will work as a personal power-efficient cooler that only takes minutes to cool down your room and provide your cooling.
  • These bulky cords allow you to provide intelligent and more efficient circulatory designing which is more efficiently worked with USB cable.
  • This will be beneficial for your skin and make sure that you will not find any side effects while using it.
  • It is added benefit with a water curtain that protects the diseases around us.
  • They also come with LED lights, which ensure your mind and provide you calming experience.

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How To Order This IceBox Air Cooler?

If you are finding this is good enough for getting the benefits of this portable AC, so buy it now!

Currently, it is available at the promotional offer with a 50% discount per unit. Also, it is available in limited numbers, and you will have limited access to book this today.

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