Privacy Policy

Our primary motive is the security of visitors. Regarding this approach, we carefully use the SSL security system and rules. We will protect the user’s life and ensure that the supplements they are going to use are highly clinically approved and does not base on any legitimate approach. At this privacy policy page, we are going to list all the things which we are going to collect from you and for what purpose.

This policy applies to all online activities that you will do on our website. We will never cover up any outside information. All the information is given based on research. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy you can contact us anytime hassle-free.

What Type of Information We Will Collect From Users?

We will collect the personal information from our all users and the reason to ask these questions, we need to be clear on our side.

  • Email Id:

We always request the client to share their email address because sometimes we need to send some personal information straightforwardly into the personal account. For example promotions and offers.

  • Data:

When you send a request to our site you have to join the administration channel. At this place, we will request you to share some more personal information such as address and phone number. The given data is used to show your validity and also send your selected product to the address without trouble.

  • Contact details:

We will also ask you to share the telephone number. Regarding this, we can easily assess your contact details whenever we need help from your side. For example, we will have trouble finding your shipping address or whatever the concern will be.

  • Installments:

If you are picking the product on the installment then it is important to request you about the card number and other purchasing details. This is because to clear out the stress and also get the assurance of your verification.

On the above-collected information, we will assure you that this will not share with the third party.

How Your Personal Information Kept Safe?

Your data is completely safe with us. We have a database secret platform where the collected data is completely defended. This manner you will get a hundred percent security about your personal information.

Our Security Tools:

We will ensure your data is completely saved because we have used an SSL security system that secures all gathered information in our database.

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