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All the information we collected on https://www.worthydiets.com/ is purely intended for understanding the concerns of the user. The data is collected by to user when he entered his information in the form of accepting cookies, searching for the supplement articles are entered his private information as a location and phone number.

The user can enjoy the multiple benefits so the user can easily get rid of their problems. On the other hand, information provided on the articles is highly based on scientific research so the user cannot fight the issue. The motive is only to share the preferable knowledge so that the user can find the best product for his wellness.

Collected User Information:

The information you will enter while placing the product is the location and the user address.

This is essential because the company can easily deliver the product safely to the home. The company is making a specific product for that when the health and wellness of a consumer needs a specific detail of a consumer so that we can fulfill the requirements of the users.

On this website, we are just a mediocre that satisfy the user with its details to the third party. New users can claim the benefit as in knowing about the supplement product in detail. So he could never search for Google about that.

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