CoolMe Pro Reviews – Portable Mini Air Cooler Price, Where to Buy?

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CoolMe Pro AC Reviews – Are you fed up with your air conditioning system? Do you think that coolers are of no use during unbearable summer heat? The scorching heat of the summer season can leave anyone wondering with a thought to shift to any hill station. With no good means of ending the heat of the summers, it is tough to concentrate on daily chores or work in an office. No wonder, the high promises done by air conditioning and cooler companies make you feel miserable when their products don’t work properly.

CoolMe ProTo give you a cool feeling during summers we have brought you the most amazing invention of all times, CoolMe Pro AC. This is one of the best technological innovations which offers you the feeling of visiting a hill station.

The product is an air cooler technology that comes in a very compact and elegant design. It is built especially for the personal use of all. The compact design offers excellent cooling during summers. It comes with the benefit of simple use whether you are indoors or outdoors. The features of this product make it the best purchase of this summer. It offers relief from completely relying on the air conditioning systems and coolers to get cool air. Keep reading to find out more about this product.

What is CoolMe Pro?

Technological innovation is touching the skies. The latest innovation which is grabbing the attention of all is CoolMe Pro Portable AC. This is a product which is making a special place in the hearts of the people. The product is known to be a personal cooling system for all. It is efficient, convenient, and portable. Therefore, anyone who is dealing with the unwanted heat of the summer can rely on this product.

This revolutionary technology needs no electricity to operate. This is the reason, you can get rid of the expensive power bills during summers, intricate installation of every electrical system, and much more. The product comes in a size of a footwear box, meaning it is compact and small for easy use. You can carry it anywhere without worrying about any transport issue. Whether you want cool air in any indoor environment or outdoor, this product will offer all. Plus, unlike any other electrical air conditioning system, this product comes under a nominal range. So, you don’t have to worry about saving for months to get cool air during summers. This environment-friendly product will allow you to have fun during summers while experiencing cool air.

How Does This Mini AC Work?

Before you get completely intrigued by this product, it is essential to know its method of working. Many air cooling systems present in the marketplace are known to have harmful chemicals and refrigerants in them which can damage the environment. But this product is known to have no such thing. It has evaporated cooling technology which doesn’t require any chemicals or refrigerants for it to operate. Therefore, from an adult to a child, anyone can easily operate this product.

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It uses a high-power fan that benefits from moving air via a water curtain. The use of water in place of any harmful refrigerants offers great benefits to human health. Plus, you can operate CoolMePro with the help of a USB connection, battery pack, computer, etc. This lightweight technology can be used both indoors and outdoors for a cool breeze during hot weather.

Why This Portable Air Conditioner Has A Huge Demand?

The hot weather demands an immediate solution. Cool air is the need of an hour during summers but at the same time, people are concerned about their health, environmental changes, portability, efficiency, and much more. Therefore, effective solutions are in high demand. This product has gained immense popularity in a short time. It is a personalized air cooler that requires no electricity connection. The compact size of it makes it the best choice for people to opt for it. Whether you are working outside or staying indoors, this product will offer you cool air without causing any harm to your health. Its evaporative cooling technology is innovative and allows people to easily ditch the habit of air conditioning systems.

Pros of Cool Me Pro Portable AC:

  • Simple to use by any age group
  • Affordable price and environmentally friendly
  • Compact size to use indoors and outdoors
  • Easy charging solutions with USB ports, PC, power bank, etc.
  • Cool air within few minutes.
  • Lightweight to carry anywhere, be it, car or by hand.
  • No issues of water leakage and is quieter than other systems.

How To Use CoolMe Pro Air Cooler?

The method to use this product is very simple as compared to other cooling devices. Its features are unlimited and can be understood by both adults and children. The product has a simple formula to operate which is plug-and-play. It is necessary to have a USB port supply to switch on the product. This way you can easily install the product and use it.

Try to plug the product with any USB device and it is ready to offer you cool air within few minutes. Moreover, if you have no USB port then you can use a one-button operation. This switch has three modes where you need to add water to the product, plug it in, and later enjoy the cool air.

Its evaporative water cooling technology makes the product effective and safe from any harmful chemicals. Plus, it is free from any water leakage, chemical refills, etc. The product requires no maintenance costs.

How To Order CoolMe Pro?

To place an order for CoolMe Pro, you need to visit its official website. There are certain packages for this product with different prices. The price range of this product varies from $99.60 to $178.

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After visiting the official website of the product, you need to select your desired package and add it to the cart. Fill in all the details such as name, address, phone number, email ID, and much more. Also, select the desired mode of payment. Apart from the official website, there is no other way to order this product. Therefore, to avoid any fraudulent activities happening, place an order via its official site.

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